Multisensory room aids those with cognitive, behavioral disabilities

October 20, 2013 DETROIT LAKES, Minn. – When you first enter, a multisensory room looks kind of boring – it’s all done in white at the Developmental Achievement Center in Detroit Lakes. So much for first impressions. When it’s in full operation, the room is like a 10-year-old’s dream bedroom: Pillars of bubbling water in … Read More

Allegany Arc Opens MSE Room

May 09, 2013 – Allegany Arc is proud to announce the addition of a Multisensory room to its day-habilitation program. They recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony/opening reception to celebrate this achievement. The Multi Sensory Environment (MSE) can stimulate or relax people through the use of touch, sound, vibration, color and/or light – effective in … Read More

Multisensory room aids students at Latrobe

October 11, 2012 – Owen Wege was getting his dose of sensory stimulation on Wednesday at Baggaley Elementary School, absorbing the sights of the colorful bubble tubes and a waterfall of lighted fiber-optic strands combined with the clashing sounds of cymbals, tambourines and soothing mood music. The 9-year-old was joined by other youngsters participating in … Read More

Classroom Dazzles with Disco Ball and Bubbles

Disco lights, music, and a lot of bubbles, are what students at the Regional School for the Deaf and Blind, get to experience in their brand new multi-sensory classroom. This room helps heighten the senses for students who have trouble hearing, or seeing. When the students come in here, the lights and sounds make them … Read More

Baggaley Elementary School room appeals to senses

September 25, 2012 – A Baggaley Elementary School teacher is undertaking a big challenge to transform a small conference room into space that can be used to better the lives of children with autism. A multisensory room in the Unity school will provide a controlled place where students with autism can interact with their environment, … Read More

Therapy in a multisensory environment, a room that soothes

Source Journal Sentinel June 25, 2012 – Six-year-old John Burks sits near a padded white mat in a white-walled room, waiting for it to be transformed into his own private party space. Streams of red simultaneously gush through a pair of ceiling-to-floor vertical bubble tubes on each side of the room. A pile of fiber … Read More

Multisensory room helps individuals with developmental disabilties

Treatment and Learning Centers ramps up occupational therapy department April 25, 2012 Maryland – Serhan Stegman toddled to the bubble tubes, wrapped his arms around the long cylinders of water, changing colored light and rising bubbles. Like a child on a carousel, he spun, his tiny arms the fulcrum for his spinning delight. Serhan, 2, … Read More