The Hidden Angel Foundation was proud to sponsor the 8th International Snoezelen Association (ISNA) Conference.

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On October 1-3, 2010, the best and brightest involved in multi sensory stimulation research and practice convened in Birmingham, Alabama for the International Multi Sensory Environment Conference. This 8th annual event which was held for the first time in the USA was hosted by the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation.

The conference brought together experts from over 12 countries featuring more than 30 renowned speakers who offered thought-provoking lectures and workshops concerning the use of Multi Sensory Environments (MSE) and sensory enrichment. For the first time a large section of the program was devoted to the brain, its development, plasticity and the impact of the environment. The keynote speaker on this theme was Dr. Jill Taylor a neuro-anatomist who at age 37, experienced a rare form of stroke, and chronicled her dramatic recovery in her bestselling book My Stroke of Insight, A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey.

The conference also featured a live performance by Country Music Star George Canyon and was Emceed by award winning PBS interviewer Robert Scully.

With over 200 attendees the conference was a huge success and we thank everyone for attending.