Hidden Angel Companion Pets Program

hidden_angel_companion_pets_smallThe vision for the ‘Hidden Angel Companion Pets’ Program, is to develop and place companion dogs to enrich the lives of people with various challenges. Central to the vision is a foundational understanding of sensory stimulation, which is the backbone of the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation. Sensory stimulation plays a role in the benefits of the human-animal interaction (to both the humans and the animals) and in how the dogs are developed during the program and beyond.

Program Highlights:

  • The dogs developed in the program help teach us valuable life lessons.
  • The primary beneficiaries of the new program will be people with cognitive, emotional or physical challenges, for whom interacting with the dog will provide improved health, happiness, and independence The benefits will also extend to family and other caregivers.
  • The new program will largely use rescue dogs, which will reduce shelter populations and improve quality of life for those dogs that would otherwise be euthanized or live out their lives in confined environments.
  • The pets will go through a unique temperament selection, sensory stimulation-based development, and beneficiary matching process

More information on the program will be released over the coming weeks. For more information contact info@cdhaf.org