How We Can Help

The Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation awards funds and grants to those in need of establishing MSE and Sensorium facilities to benefit individuals with developmental disabilities, and cognitive and physical impairments.

In certain circumstances Foundation staff are available on a fee basis to provide services related to the development, installation, and operation of MSE facilities. 100% of all payments and fees for these services remain in the Foundation to further fund and develop MSE facilities throughout North America.


Application For Funding / Grants

The Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with cognitive and physical impairments through Multi Sensory Environments (MSE) and a Sensorium Enrichment approach to learning, therapy and recreation.

For an overview of the funding process and eligibility criteria, click here.

Preference is given to those organizations and programs that will benefit the greater “good” such as facilities that are available and accessible to the general community. Thus priority is given to projects that leverage additional support and serve as catalysts for long-term, systemic change, inEducation, Therapy, and Recreation.

The majority of awards go to U.S. 501 (c) (3) and Canadian Charitable organizations, and other charitable and tax-exempt entities. We favor educational, therapeutic and recreational approaches and collaborative endeavors with government, philanthropic, private sector, and not-for-profit partners. While research is not the foundations primary focus, the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation encourages research in the area of MSE through minimal funding.

For an overview of the funding process and eligibility criteria, click here.

The Foundation does not award grants to individuals, or to projects that serve an exclusively religious purpose.

Distribution of Foundation funds is as follows:

  • 65% to the establishment (design, development and implementation) of MSE
  • 10% to research
  • 5% to training/Scholars
  • 20% Administrative/operational cost

In collaboration of funding the fundee will be required to display a dedication plaque.

Services offered

Design – Designing a master plan including conceptual designs, material/equipment needs, values and outcomes, and budget development. The Foundation initiates the organization, focus and needs outlined in a master project plan and budget.

Design Process – First discussions are held with project members, association management, etc. in the organization to understand what the needs, space and budget entails.  In addition, meetings and discussions take place with the architect, electricians, builders to fully understand the mechanical needs and changes required to house a MSE or Sensorium.  Comments and ideas are reported to subsequent groups to encourage a “cross fertilization” of ideas.

Basic Concepts and Architect drawing – Sometimes the challenge is to provide an access strategy catering to individuals with extremely limited dexterity, while not forcing people with lesser disabilities to use inappropriate equipment to operate these same facilities. Compatibility has to be provided for a wide range of input methods. Once the basic Architect and equipment is approved a cost analysis and proposal is completed.

Budget: Once the basic concepts are laid out the costing for the project is complete and a proposal is presented to the organization.

Final Design – The design that is finally approved met all the design objectives.

Others services offered include:

  • Implementation / Installation
  • Training – Training is provided by Linda Messbauer, M.A., OTR/L

For more information and pricing on services provided, please call 205.313.9168