Our Inspirations

The Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation was created in honor and recognition of Christopher Douglas Fornes and Joyce Baye.

Due to disabilities, Christopher and many children like him can never fully enjoy the many activities taken for granted by most children. Nor are they provided the positive stimulation that can improve their health, learning, and enhance their quality of life. Christopher’s progressive neurological regression diminished his mental and physical abilities, yet with courage and determination he lived a purposeful life.

Christopher was able to reach out and teach people things that no human soul could. He was magical and worked many miracles on earth and that is why we always thought of him as a hidden angel. He taught us the true meaning of “life”. And we know that from the Heavens Chris continues his magic, creating miracles far beyond his earthly work.

The foundation was also created in memory of Joyce Baye, a saint at heart and Christopher’s grandmother, who spent much of her short life caring for the elderly and fighting the system to improve their quality of life. Due to her early death at 48 she never physically met Christopher, but her inspiration lives on.

Through Christopher and Joyce, our appreciation for the value of sensory stimulation evolved. Joyce intuitively understood that the lives of the elderly were enriched by providing sensory stimulation through varying daily experience. And we experienced firsthand the joy Christopher found from various sensory experiences such as simple balmy breeze and circulating fan to flashing lights and pop music.