Sensorium Enrichment

Our service involves 5 phases that are instrumental in developing a SENSORIUM ENRICHED environment.

The Needs Assessment begins as a site visit to your facility to identify the population, their needs, current facility conditions, etc.

During the Design and Budget phase we to create a layout/blueprint that provides an educational, recreational, and therapeutic opportunity but flexible enough to meet the needs of various individuals.

Installation consists of the ordering, purchasing and installation of various multi sensory equipment based on the population. Additionally, any required safety audits are performed to ensure compliance with the current standards.

Training is essential for appropriate use of multi sensory rooms. The aim of the training is: (a) to develop and extend ways of working with multi-sensory rooms; (b) to experience and be aware of the effects of light and sound and the use of these to create different moods; (c) use equipment competently and appropriately; (d) to assess, plan and record sessions, and (e) to share ideas and form good working practices.

Implementation consists of your team of special education teachers, occupational and physical therapists reviewing each student’s registration records identify those who will participate and recording a baseline of their functioning abilities and behavioral issues.

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