Summary of Multi Sensory Environment Equipment and its Purpose

Senses stimulated Equipment for an MSE Primary Purpose
Visual Effects


Effect Projector and Accessories


Produces a variety of moving images, abstracts, and patterns to changes brain arousal levels/behavior. Lens and accessories can enhance the images.


Vestibular Mounted so wheel can easily be changed Promotes visual awareness, tracking skills, spatial relationships, and impacts vestibular stimulation.

Visual, Tactile, Auditory Bubble Tubes/Columns


Acrylic tubes filled with distilled water. An air pump provides rising patterns of air bubbles, pleasant sounds, and soothing vibration. Various colors are illuminated through tube. The bubble tubes are the room’s focal point. Provides intensity and novel impact on emotion of pleasure, elicits an awe response. Promotes visual awareness, tracking skills, object localization, sound localization, spatial relationships, cause and effect, color identification, color matching, and impacts vestibular stimulation re the vibration.


Visual, tactile Fiber optics, Fiber optic curtains Bundle of fiber optic strands that glow with a changing color light display. Strands are sheathed in plastic for durability, flexibility, and safety. Uses tactile and visual sensation and adds to uniqueness for maintaining arousal level. Promotes visual awareness, visual and tactile stimulation, visual fixation, color identification. Can provide deep muscle relaxation, social interactions. Head/neck muscle control and strengthening, encouraging the individual to look up and down, counting, artistic expression.


Visual, vestibular Motorized mirror ball Used to put intense visual/vestibular stimuli into the nervous system for matching arousal level for change.

Acrylic mirror panels Provides for additional visual stimuli through the multiple bubble column reflection. Also promotes body awareness and gives more depth to smaller rooms.

Fan light Is a sound-activated light display. As the sound level increases, the illuminated multicolored light panels move more quickly across the fan and patterns of light change. The panels light up in response to volume changes in sound and vocalizations, breathing, and vibration. A sensitivity control allows the user to compensate for varying input volume levels. Promotes vocalizations, encourages reduced over-vocalizations, cause and effect, breath control and deep breathing, posture, and positioning.


Mirrors Impacts the multiple imagery and adds to complexity required for change.

Tactile Effects Vibroacoustic platform or chair Utilizes sound vibration for distressing; also helps define body awareness.

Soft Items – floor mats  


Pillows, bean bags, vibroacoustic platforms  


Sound Effects (Music)  


Sensory Activities Blowing bubbles, finger   painting, play dough  


Must have a continuum of accessories to match the individual’s arousal level to be able to move it up and down the continuum to change arousal states and mediate behavior.