What are people saying?

“This room makes me feel like I’m in heaven!” Nathan, Student at Mobile School for the Deaf and Blind.

“I’ve seen expressions and movements I have never seen from the students as long as I have worked with them! Amy Hess, Teacher, Mobile School for the Deaf and Blind

“Recently, we began serving a new individual at the agency that had severe anxiety about confinement. This individual is not able to be confined to one area unless it is a moving vehicle. When the vehicle comes to stop, said individual becomes very agitated. Arc staff introduced him to the Snoezelen multi-sensory room and within five sessions, he now sits in the room for 20-25 minutes without a behavior. Staff report that this individual is calmer, happier, and smiling after he utilizes the room. The highlight for him is being able to independently change the colors of the bubble tubes through the use of the switch.” Allegany Arc

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to the O’Donnell family in Austin, Texas. The tactile wall was absolutely AMAZING and was placed on a focal wall in the sensory playroom! It was fantastic. The children (the family has 5 autistic children) all responded extremely well – we could not have felt more pleased! The youngest, age 5, really loves the tactile wall and all the sensory toys we placed in there. I truly appreciate your support and selflessness in helping this wonderful family!” Extreme Makeover Home Edition

“The kids love it, it is very hard to get them out of the room. I have one student who tells me ‘no not yet’ when we start to shut it down. They crave the room and always want to go back. In the morning when we get back from breakfast they immediately start asking for the sensory room.” Alison Ross, Teacher, Rome Georgia

“Your professional and monetary support has been extremely valuable to our clinical work in the neonatal ICU as we develop pioneering techniques to enhance the survivorship and health outcomes of very premature and critically ill babies. At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, we became focused on the importance of sensory stimulation in the neonatal period and its potential impact on enhancing neurological development. At this time we turned to Bud and Sandra (and the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation) in an effort to learn from the many years that they have devoted to this approach. The foundation has been more than generous in sharing their many years of experience and their innovative techniques as well as assisted the funding of our essential research in this area. Their selfless contribution of time, expertise and funding will lead to a positive outcome in the development of premature children throughout the United States and Canada. Considering growing evidence in this field, it is clear that the use of sensory stimulation in sick babies and children with disabilities should deserve much more attention. I believe that with true leaders such as Sandra and Bud, this filed will grow to a new level”. Amir Lahav, ScD PhD, Dept. of Newborn Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School.

“The Treatment and Learning Centers is proud to have been chosen by CDHAF to receive $10,800 in grant funds to help create this unique therapeutic environment at our Gaither Road offices. TLC’s Multi Sensory Environment opened last month to rave reviews by our families.” Debbie Ezrin, Director of Development

“Participating in the multisensory environment gives them [special needs children] a way to engage in an environment and have control over the choices they’re making.” Nancy Pickett, Director L.I.F.E., program

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham, I would like to thank you for the donation from Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation of a Multi Sensory Environment which was constructed in our Hand In Hand Child Enrichment Program.” (view entire letterGary Edwards, CEO –  United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham

“Awesome conference! Thank you for sharing your time and your hearts with Lucas!” Allison Monroe Schweizer

“When there’s an environment where the child can really explore and . . . it’s very child-directed and child-centered because they are seeking stimulation or finding stimulation suitable for their system, I think that’s a very good approach that can often be helpful for children,” Kris Barneko, Professor

“She [my daughter] asks everyday she gets on the bus is she going to the room and the first thing she tells me about when she gets off the bus is the room. She looks so forward to it that its good for my heart to see her look forward to something so much and be able to express it to me because her vocabulary is so limited.” Sandra Humpries, Rome, Georgia

“Thank you hosting such a fantastic conference. As an educator, It was by far “The Best” I have attended in my 15 odd years as an educator…You and your organization did a fantastic job.” Albert Krynski

“Thank you so much for hosting this amazing conference!! We learned so much and were able to network with some incredible people!! We are now planning our own Multi Sensory Environment room!!” Amy Arnold

“One of the parents of a student found the Hidden Angel Foundation and they came in and presented the room that exists now and it exceeded my wildest dreams. I had no idea these students could control their environment.” Elizabeth McLemore Teacher, Rome Georgia

“It’s great for our kids who have sensory processing difficulties, similar to those on the autism spectrum, to help them be in more control of their environment,” Brigid Baker, Director of Occupational Therapy

“I was so blessed to attend the 8th Annual ISNA Convention this past weekend along with one of my teachers. It was such a pleasure meeting all of the presenters and learning more about how Multi Sensory Environments can increase the learning gains for students in our school. While we have a sensory room, it is very much a stimulation and gross motor activation center with a massive swing, slide, crash pit, light tube, and more. The Multi Sensory Environment philosophy is something we would love to be able to bring to our students in addition to the current sensory room. I am writing not only to thank you but to inquire as to how we can apply to your foundation for consideration for a Multi Sensory Environment room. We are a nonprofit school in Lakeland, Fl that specializes in autism and related disorders. The school was founded in 2009 because my own daughter has Asperger’s syndrome. Our community had no educationally appropriate settings for her as she has a very high IQ and very low emotional regulation, in addition to a high degree of sensory integration disorder. Please take a look at our website to learn more about us and let me know how we can be considered for sponsorship for a Multi Sensory Environment room. Your work and dedication is so appreciated, and we are already beginning the fundraising effort to send teachers to Paris next year!!” Amy M. Arnold, M.S.Ed. Executive Director The Monarch School

“So far the symposium has been one of the best I have ever attended in my 44 years as an OT. Everything has been so relevant and useable.” Susan Fisher McClure

“Thank you so much for the invitation to speak. I really enjoyed myself and found my work well received. You did an awesome job in having things run smoothly and professionally in a gracious loving manner!” Jason Staal

“Thank you so much for allowing me to volunteer and attend Dr. Taylor’s lecture. I enjoyed the volunteering, meeting some interesting people, and really enjoyed the evening lecture tremendously. Although I had read Dr. Taylor’s book, it was very rewarding to see and listen to her in person. Thanks again, and good luck with MSE in the future.” Joan Dodson

Multi Sensory Room

“I expected there would be improvement of our residents when using the MSE, but I never expect such dramatic improvement and in such a short period of time. There are several of our residents that have responded with improvements in behavior, vocalization, and smiling, more than what I ever thought possible.” The recreation director of St. John’s Nursing Center

“I am writing this letter to express my deepest thanks to the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation for your generous donation of a multi-sensory room to Lake Asbury Junior High.”   Read more Ed Paulk, Principal – Lake Asbury Junior High School

“The MSE is going great. . . the two individuals that we thought would benefit the most, actually like it and the staff are love’n it . . . They have actually thanked me for getting it.   It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve heard such enthusiasm . . . ” Sharon A. Unkle, Anne Grady Center, Holland, OH

“In the last two months since the Hidden Angel Foundation installed our MSE, the anecdotal reports suggest an increase in attention on days when certain clients utilize the room, a decrease in scripting during routine activates, an increase in task persistence, and one child in particular falling asleep more easily in the evening after utilizing the room. Immediate results are often reported in the client’s ability to follow one-step familiar directions.” Society for the Treatment of Autism, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“The Anne Grady Center is happy to welcome the new sensory room under our roof.   The room instantly comes to life with the flip of a switch . . . We feel that many of our individuals here at the Anne Grady Center have already benefited in many ways from spending time in the room . . . and we owe all of this to you and the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation” Todd Reiter and Sharon Unkle – Anne Grady Foundation.Read more..

“We are seeing positive effects with the individuals that are using the MSE room regularly; especially as it relates to several individuals that have Autism and Alzheimer’s. We are seeing measurable decreases in both the duration and severity of episodes of agitation and aggressive behavior accompanied by longer periods of calm and relaxation” Todd Reiter, Anne Grady Center, Toledo, Ohio

The above is just a small sample of the hundreds of testimonials and thanks we get from the thousands of lives Chris has touched.